Sunday, 13 June 2010

Unbound Captives Movie

Unbound Captives MovieDirector Madeleine Stowe has managed to enlist an impressive cast for Unbound Captives, an upcoming drama western movie that will mark her directorial debut. The cast of the movie Unbound Captives can indeed boast a few famous actors: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Robert Pattinson and Nicola Peltz. Filming still has to start though... I guess it's difficult to agree on a schedule since those A-list actors are rather busy. Hopefully the film will be released end of 2011.

"After his father is killed, a child (Robert Pattinson) is kidnapped at the age of four in 1859 with his sister (Nicola Peltz) and raised by the Comanche tribe. After being rescued by a frontiersman (Hugh Jackman), their mother (Rachel Weisz) spends years searching for them and eventually finds them, but they do not remember her or anything about their previous life..."

Feels like Unbound Captives is going to be a tear jerking film! What a nightmare it must to be separated from one's kids like that! And how strange it must be to find them again year later when they forgot everything about their real parents...

I'm already hooked by the plot summary of Unbound Captives. Besides with such a talented cast, there's no doubt that the film would be a hit.

Waiting with impatience for the movie Unbound Captives!